AC on a sunny day standing next to her horse, Aspen, giving her a kiss on the side of her muzzle
Wait, who?

I'm AC, that's Aspen in the photo with me. I've been making websites since the days of over-animated personal Geocities pages. Nowadays, the animations I incoporate in my designs are fun rather than overwhelming. My passion and skills for web design and development have only grown since my first Geocities account was created.

Accessible Languages change as does the technology to help users experience the web, and I prioritize keeping up with the changes in accessibility. Websites should be enjoyable for all users.

Responsive From a large 27" monitor to a small mobile device, my layouts remain cohesive and attractive. I strive for a fluid transition as screen sizes change.

Fast A fancy website isn't helpful if slow load times causer users to click off. I'm always on the hunt for ways to trim down file sizes to shorten load times.

Software My main set-up these days utilizes VSCode, Gimp, Canva and Figma. I also have experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Currently I am focusing on increasing my skills in JavaScript, React, accessibility in apps, and UX design. I am open to freelance work or a full time front end development position.


HTML5 icon CSS3 icon Sass icon JavaScript icon Bootstrap icon React icon

With so many languages to choose from and my thirst for knowledge, I had to choose a plan for success. That plan is to focus on fewer languages and learn them thoroughly. My goal is to add more languages and frameworks in time. One of my favorite ways to develop skills is to find something online that I like and then recreating it. I also achieve a thorough understanding of a topic by writing easy to understand articles and sharing them on Hashnode.




SCSS, Sass

Advanced Beginner

UX Design, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React

Advanced Beginner
SCSS JavaScript
Sass UX Design
Bootstrap React


Degrees and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University
  • Associate of Arts from Black Hawk College
  • Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University
  • Associate of Arts from Black Hawk College

Currently studying

Some Projects I've Created


an app designed for keeping recipes in one easy to manage place

Recipe Keeper

React, Hooks, JavaScript, SCSS
an app titled 'race pace' that is lavender and purple with various input fields

Race Pace

React, Hooks, SCSS
a frequently asked questions page with three questions listed

Accordion FAQ

HTML, SCSS, JavaScript